Photographer: Dale Johnson

Photo taken: Sept. 17, 2020, Lake Roosevelt

Photographer’s description: “I was on a houseboat trip on Lake Roosevelt during the peak of the wildfire smoke. The air had been thick with smoke, but on this particular afternoon, the smoke thinned out, leaving a beautiful filtered light. My wife and I ventured out on our kayaks to explore the incredible rock formations at a time there was absolutely no wind, leaving the water like a mirror. I shot this from my kayak with a Nikon Z7 camera and 24-70 f4 S lens.”

Critique: “Gorgeous! The light is exquisite and does a nice job accentuating the geology of the formations. The kayaker (your wife, I presume) gives us a nice sense of scale, and the tip of the neon-bright boat is pointing to this sort of illusory intersection that I can’t stop looking at. The only thing I’d change, if anything, would be an ever-so-slight horizon correction, and possibly experimenting with cropping a little from the left and/or the top (although it’s cropped well as is). Regardless, this is great, and we appreciate you sharing the moment with us.”

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