Photographer: Marc Deaver

Photo taken: Aug. 10, 2020, Olympic National Park

Photographer’s description: “While enjoying a beautiful drive through Olympic National Park, we encountered this black bear and her cub. I was using a 150-600 mm lens, so I was able to keep my distance, but the little cub seemed pretty curious about what I was up to. Shot with a Nikon D850.”

Critique: “Congratulations for making the cut once again. This time around, you’ve shared a neat photo of these two bears going about their business. The cub is certainly seeming curious — and the eye contact is what made this photo special for me. The lighting and focus are great, and the backdrop gives us a sense of place without being distracting. My brain wants to rotate this clockwise ever so slightly in order to level the horizon, but mostly I’m just happy to look a bear cub in the face. Thanks for sharing.”

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