Photographer: Adam Kastan

Photo taken: June 11, 2022, at Lake Quinault

Photographer’s description: “While walking along Lake Quinault nature trails, I came across this banana slug munching on a leaf while enveloped around a tree branch. He seems to be enjoying his morning meal and looking directly into the camera. I took this picture using my 2015 Galaxy 6 phone camera and cropped the original image to show a comparison of the slug and leaf.”

Critique: “This is a lot of slimy, smiley fun. Our friend seems to be munching away in utter bliss, and you caught its satisfaction perfectly. Or at least that’s what this photo wants us to think! I love the shot; it’s got a little bit of nature, a little bit of art and a little bit of humor. I think the vertical crop, with the slug off-center, helps not just to paint a scene but also to give our silly friend a fitting, off-kilter frame. Very fun; thanks for thinking of Reader’s Lens!”

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