Photographer: Ty Kent

Photo taken: March 18, at Hansville, Kitsap Peninsula

Photographer’s description: “I came upon this precious baby harbor seal on the beach. Its mother had beached it for the day and went hunting. As it began to belly-crawl farther up out of the incoming tide, it was as if it waved hello directly at me! Taken at a distance with my Sony A1 and 200-600 mm lens at 600 mm and cropped.”

Critique: “Thanks for thinking of Reader’s Lens, because this is adorable, and I imagine it will elicit thousands of smiles. What a wonderful moment you were able to capture. Everything about this photo works for me, and the result is a technically sound photo of a fun and touching moment. I won’t spend much time talking about exposure, depth of field, cropping or other technical details this week, as this is plainly excellent. And, as it’s shot with long glass, you clearly were respectful of the pup’s space. Once again, thank you for sharing!”

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