WE’RE ALL HOME for the weirdest holidays ever this year, and some of Seattle’s best chefs kindly agreed to share their family-favorite and most festive recipes to bring us all more comfort and joy. At a time when the restaurant industry faces financial devastation, it’s an especially generous act — rather than us making their food at our homes, they’d probably really prefer that we support their establishments by getting tons of takeout (and tipping big). Which we should, as much as possible! 

Cover story: 7 festive family recipes from top Seattle chefs to help make the 2020 holidays bright

But there’s yet more generosity: These chefs’ answers about how to help others and build community now came fast, and they expressed gratitude to be asked. The selflessness here is again notable, and there’s also a communal overlap of support. Chef Melissa Miranda countered a suggestion that she might choose her own not-for-profit, no-questions-asked Musang Community Kitchen with two completely different charitable choices. Then Paolo Campbell named MCK anyway. Trey Lamont chose to overlook his own Jerk Shack Land Fund in favor of the Rainier Valley Food Bank, for which he also serves on the board of directors. The crew at Dacha Diner could only narrow their ideas for giving down to five selections, and one of them happens to be the Jerk Shack Land Fund. The diversity of causes here is also beautiful — so many people need help now, and the patchwork blanket is a necessarily huge and multipartite one.

We’re lucky to have their holiday recipes, but we’re more lucky to count as part of our world these chefs who, in dire circumstances, continue to be all heart. Let’s follow their lead and give extra generously to do our part.

TREY LAMONT of Jerk Shack: Rainier Valley Food Bank

JOE HEFFERNAN, TORA B. HENNESSEY and TOM SIEGEL of Dacha Diner: Guava to the People, Jerk Shack Land Fund, Lambert House, Real Rent Duwamish and TWOC Solidarity Network

SUN HONG of By Tae: Jubilee Women’s Center

KRISTI BROWN of That Brown Girl Cooks! and Communion: Young Women Empowered, aka Y-WE

MELISSA MIRANDA of Musang: YouthCare and Y-WE

BILL JEONG AND CHUNGHOON JEONG of Paju: Down Syndrome Community of Puget Sound

PAOLO CAMPBELL of Opus Co.: Musang Community Kitchen and Seattle BIPOC Food Bank