Re: “As wildfires burn across Washington state, Inslee declares an emergency” [Aug. 19, Northwest]:

Two years ago, my daughter was born in the midst of a terrible wildfire season in Washington. As smoke obscured the sun, we sheltered in our basement with the windows closed and fans blasting. I was grateful to have a safe place to escape the smog but terrified of this glimpse into what my child’s future could be like.

As the governor’s office points out, our firefighting resources are stretched thin this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But even if we could fight the fires at full force, we’re never going to get the situation under control unless we address what science shows is fueling increased wildfire activity: Climate change. We can start by opposing fossil-fuel projects proposed in Washington such as the methanol refinery in Kalama and the Tacoma liquefied natural gas project.

When our state is on fire, how can we justify burning the fuels that fan the flames?

Charlotte Linton, Seattle