When Donald Trump says he will “make America great again,” believe him, and believe also that it once again is a time for a clear choice, write guest columnists Don Benton and Doug Ericksen.

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RONALD Reagan, the gold standard of presidents in modern history, addressed the Republican Party and the nation during Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign for the White House and made the argument that it was a time to choose. Reagan’s argument was that a clear choice existed between continuing down the road of progressivism and socialism or the American people embracing conservative principles and restoring the government that was intended at the country’s founding.

It took another 16 years of bad presidential leadership before President Reagan took the oath of office and got America back on track. Unfortunately, subsequent presidents and members of Congress have repeatedly turned their backs on the American people, choosing instead to bend to special interests, bloated government, crony capitalism and ever-broadening intrusions by government into the lives of everyone.

In this election cycle, we can embrace the wisdom of Reagan and make clear choices again. We have — and we want to tell you why we have chosen to support Donald Trump for president.

The American people are not stupid. The rank and file of the Republican Party worked tirelessly to regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010, only to have most of the members renege on their promises to do what conservatives are supposed to do — seek limited government, pursue fiscal restraint, build a strong national defense and preserve cultural values.

We, the people, instead had to endure the imposition of sequestration, the squandering of political capital, and cowardice in the face of an ever more imperial presidency. We failed in 2012 with Mitt Romney but scratched and clawed our way back into the majority in the U.S. Senate. What did we get? We got the worst budget deal imaginable before the ink was dry on the ballots. With control of both the House and the Senate, we have seen absolutely no efforts to achieve any conservative objectives.

Now, the people are angry, and they are really not interested in more lies and hollow promises from the establishment. To restore confidence in government, we need to have confidence in our leaders. Trump is inspiring the people to believe that they really do matter and that he will do all he can to deliver the government back to them.

Trump is often criticized because he has made it the cornerstone of his campaign to “make America great again” by putting America and Americans first. It’s about time. We have lost tens of thousands of companies and millions of jobs because of bad trade deals and horrible tax policy.

Today, agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency impose regulations that raise the cost of operations so high that too many businesses are closing and too few new businesses are opening up. Add to this the reckless damage being done by Obamacare, and we have an unmitigated economic disaster ongoing. Something must be done, but it will take courage and will to see it through. Trump is the only person still running who can deliver.

The Trump tax plan is one of the most pro-growth being discussed. His reforms would bring trillions of dollars in revenue and millions of jobs back to America. His position on trade would send a clear message to all our trading partners that America is going to see more balance or there will be consequences. His immigration reforms would relieve heavy unfunded costs on state and local governments, would see wages climb and would restore the rule of law as America’s most treasured value. He would take care of our veterans, work with Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare and would lead the way in making America energy independent.

The other side offers none of this. Trump would restore the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Yet, he cannot do it alone. Every American must look deep inside and make the determination of which path he or she wishes to follow — the path back to liberty and independence or the current path to shared misery and servitude to the government.

Today, the American people do not trust their government and are afraid of what might be ahead. With Trump in the White House, we would have a government — and a leader — that serves the people. For us, the choice is easy. Together, we are going to make America great again.