Yes, Trump told his supporters to defend themselves from the thugs who disrupted his rallies. Good on him. If there is no fighting in the streets, then America should wake up.

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I know Mike McKay as a good lawyer, but his recent Op-Ed in The Seattle Times [“Republicans cannot vote for Trump as ‘lesser of the evils’,” Opinion, July 7] where he used words to compare Donald Trump to Hitler is wrong in every conceivable way.

While expressing admiration for Barry Goldwater’s candidacy for president in 1964, he may have forgotten that Goldwater spoke approvingly about using nuclear weapons against North Vietnam. You cannot get more extreme than that. Hillary Clinton was a “Goldwater Girl.”

A vote for anybody other than Trump is a vote for Clinton. Mitt Romney lost in 2012 because conservative voters stayed home. If that happens this November, then we will get four to eight more years of President Obama’s policies with one exception. Unlike President Obama, Clinton favors war. She voted to take us to war in Iraq and to overthrow Libya’s Gaddafi, all in the guise of being “muscular.”

First and foremost, comparing anybody to Adolf Hitler and his brown-shirted thugs is schoolyard name calling, demeaning to Hitler’s victims, and simply unfounded.

Hitler was what is known in the law as sui generis, a monster who occupies his own category. McKay’s deployment of Hitler for petty political gain is a grotesquely misguided insult to the memories of the 6 million Jews, Poles, gypsies, disabled, gay and all the other humans lost in the Shoah.

Yes, Trump has told supporters to defend themselves from thugs who disrupted his rallies. Good on him. If there is no fighting in the streets, then America should wake up. Yes, Trump called for a temporary halt to the entry of Muslims from terror-prone regions until we know who they are and why they want to come here. Good again. Does McKay think there is no threat at all from those who call on their religion to wage war on the West in general or the USA in particular?

Yes, Trump’s language is intemperate, often insulting, and not particularly noble. To that I say, so what? At least he is not straitjacketed by the politically correct chains that prevent our leaders from speaking the truth.

The political class of both parties has become so entrenched in its self-interested way of doing business that our country has become an ungovernable mess. As Ross Perot said when he ran, we need somebody to clean out the stables; I believe Trump is that person.

Look at the list of Supreme Court candidates from whom he will nominate the next Justice. This is one of the most significant powers the president owns. Not one of Trump’s short list is an Ivy League, Washington, D.C. insider. That fact alone is reason enough to vote for Trump.

Trump is not of the political class, he is a businessman. He is neither a conservative nor a liberal; he is a pragmatist. We need leaders who know how to put a deal together, how to build something, and how to get others to help with the building. We don’t need another social engineer president who thinks we are village idiots.

Trump wants to make America great again, not to take us back to another era, but forward to a time and place when we can experience again opportunities to build lives that make us hopeful for our children’s future.

Who today believes the future for our children is bright? The world is rapidly approaching chaos, the liberal Democratic policies of Obama, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Sen. Harry Reid and their ilk created this mess, and we must reverse course right now. And with the Republican convention completed, Trump’s nomination to become president demonstrates an American desire for bold leadership in a new direction. That is why I am voting for Trump.