President Donald Trump visited the Center for Disease Control a few days ago and branded Washington Gov. Jay Inslee “a snake.” He also made the laughable claim that the CDC doctors were deeply impressed with his grasp of the issues facing the nation as the coronavirus spreads. He followed that with speculation that maybe he should have gone into medicine instead of politics because he would have been so good at it.

What he did not do was give anyone but his most deluded admirers a sense of confidence in his ability to lead in the current health crisis facing the nation. As many of the people around Trump, including Vice President Mike Pence, have tried to soberly present the facts, Trump has continued to wallow in defensive self-pity, making it clear he sees the spreading pandemic as primarily a personal problem.

Trump has attacked the news media, and he has attacked the Democrats – the usual targets of his ire whenever he feels as if his political fortunes are in peril. This time, though, his real enemy is a virus and neither his self-promoting bombast nor his sullen attacks are likely to have much effect. Germs are immune from Trump.

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