Re: “Saving West Seattle’s Depression-era Stone Cottage, one beach stone at a time” [Jan. 10, Local News]:

Here is an alternative if the plan to relocate the Stone Cottage elsewhere in the Alki neighborhood with an interpretive museum is not possible: Return the stones to the beach where they were taken. There should be a ceremony thanking Mother Earth for the use of the stones in providing shelter for late owner Eva Falk for many years. There should be a commemorative marker with the history of the Stone Cottage and recognition that the stones also are part of the Duwamish heritage.

As the article says, the stones are a link to the Duwamish tribe, on whose land much of the city sits. And as Ken Workman, the fourth great-grandson of Chief Seattle is quoted as saying, “The hills and the valleys and the rocks contain the memories of the Duwamish people.”

Kristi Weir, Bellevue