President Donald Trump continues to be obsessed with proving he was correct when he tweeted out warnings that Alabama was in the path of the deadly Hurricane Dorian.

As the monster storm approached the U.S. coast, the U.S. Weather Service office in Alabama grew alarmed that the president’s erroneous information would cause panic in their state, so they issued a contradictory notice stating that there was no reason for Alabamians to worry. That set off several days of self-absorbed vituperation from Trump who, between rounds of golf, enlisted Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to threaten officials at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with firing if they would not support the president’s weather prediction.

Trump’s inability to ever admit to even the smallest mistake is a terrible trait in a president. Even more loathsome, however, is his refusal to allow the desperate victims of the hurricane’s catastrophic destruction in the Bahamas to gain temporary sanctuary in the United States and to justify that refusal by alleging drug dealers and criminals would sneak in if he, for once, did the compassionate thing.

He cannot get over believing he is the only real victim of anything.

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