While I was living in Los Angeles, I made a point of defending my hometown whenever the subject of Seattle rain came up. I pointed out that Seattle summers are glorious (though too brief) and that it actually does not rain constantly, like some people think. The one thing I glossed over was the high number of gray sky days we endure here on the shores of Puget Sound.

Now that little secret has been exposed. The folks at Best Places came up with a gloom index to count the sunless and dark days in America’s 50 largest cities and, this week, announced that Seattle landed in first place. We are the gloomiest, though Portland follows close behind at number two.

Nevertheless, “gloomy” seems an awfully harsh way to describe the Emerald City. After all, a nice misty day is sometimes pleasant, even invigorating. Seattle weather is better for the complexion than the endless sun of California. And because of the rain, this place is lush and green and no one worries about taking long showers. Still, in the depths of winter, the short hours of daylight and the weeks of gray do weigh on the soul.

That’s why God gave us cheap flights to Palm Springs.

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