Chatter: President Joe Biden is calling out law-and-order Republicans for condoning lawlessness and disorder. In particular, he is chastising them for their failure to condemn the violent mob attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, or to disavow the current right-wing threats aimed at the FBI following the search for pilfered top-secret documents at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion.

“It’s sickening to see the new attacks on the FBI, threatening the life of law enforcement and their families, for simply carrying out the law and doing their job,” Biden said during a rally at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Without naming him, Biden also chastised South Carolina’ GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham for saying there will be riots in the streets if Trump is indicted on a charge of his alleged crimes.

“The idea you turn on a television and see senior senators and congressmen saying, ‘If such and such happens there’ll be blood on the street’?” Biden said. “Where the hell are we?”

Where we are is America in 2022, a country where right-wing militants show up carrying guns at school board meetings, legislative sessions and libraries; where death threats are made against everyone from health care workers giving COVID-19 shots to local election officials counting votes to employees at the National Archives trying to retrieve government property. Where we are is a place where threats are far more than just big talk, like the recent attack on an FBI office in Ohio by a lone gunman enraged by the Mar-a-Lago search.

So-called “true conservatives” have devolved from “owning the libtards” in online chat rooms to fomenting something close to civil war. The avatar of all their fears and anger, Trump, has riled them up, even as the legal system hones in on making him answer for his seditious attempt to overturn a presidential election, as well as his gross mishandling of hundreds of top-secret documents.


With rare exceptions, neither GOP congressmen and senators nor the gun-toting, belligerent extremists in their base of supporters show concern over the disturbing truth about Trump. They prefer to subscribe to Trump’s dark fantasies. A disturbing number of them take it further, claiming to be ready for violence to defend their great leader’s lies.

That is the fanatical essence of Trumpism. And Biden is correct; it is the farthest thing from the rule of law.

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