Re: “The fight for voting rights — in 2021” [Feb. 19, Opinion]:

The many years I was a Republican, the party wasn’t mean spirited. Now, some Republican legislators are trying to stop mail-in voting, and I think that’s mean.

Mail-in voting is very important for many groups of people. Me, for example, because I am 90 years old and disabled, making it hard to get into a booth with my walker and trying to fill out a ballot quickly, and correctly, with shaky arthritic hands.

The time at home to carefully fill in my ballot will make sure I do vote correctly.

How about others? There are people with no transportation. Certain jobs also make it difficult to get time off to vote. And the people who are caretakers of children and others who can’t get away. And minorities who are afraid they will face problems. And people who travel out of state for their work.

Washington has had mail-in voting since 2012, and it’s been very successful. Let’s keep it that way.

Sally Robbins, Port Townsend