Our country is still at risk. Our democracy is being challenged. The vast majority of the Republican party has decided that power is more important than the Constitution. The policy of denying the legitimacy of the recent election, coupled with the Republican states’ rush to limit voting by people of color and poor people and to use gerrymandering to ensure that they are not represented, is a crisis. It is time to pass the For The People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act in order to ensure that we continue to move forward toward free and fair voting for all.

In order to pass these essential bills to fight against the attempted takeover of our democracy by a minority party, we need to end the minority rule of the Senate. The filibuster must go now. If this were a different Republican party than it has shown itself to be today, it might be possible to retain the civility and working across the aisle that happened in yesteryear. However, the Republicans have made it very plain that all they care about is power. It is time to stop their rule over the Senate. It is time to make sure the federal government ensures our country’s citizens get all their rights equally.

End the filibuster.

Jeanne Bulla, Seattle