Re: “Recognize Washington’s election success” [Nov. 24, Opinion]:

I’m what was once known in the South as a “Yellow Dog Democrat,” someone who’d vote for a yellow dog running on the Democratic ticket.

Over the years, I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of Republicans who’ve received my support. There is one exception: Secretary of State Kim Wyman.

As someone who travels on business on an irregular basis and cannot be certain I’ll be at home on Election Day, I’ve come to appreciate the ease and security of voting and the comprehensive information provided in each election’s Voters Guide. Wyman’s excellent leadership in her role as Secretary of State and her proposal to eliminate the partisan label associated with the office is much appreciated.

The fact that the Brookings Institute’s evaluation of Washington’s “vote at home” system received a perfect grade is a testament to our well-designed and well-run system and should be a point of pride for all Washington citizens.

Steve Hendricks, Fox Island