In Jonah Goldberg’s column “Republicans need to find a way out of this mess” [Dec. 4, Opinion], the comparison using the parable “belling the cat” was humorous and appropriate. Much of what else was stated was spot on. What I have a problem with is this: “For two years, Democrats falsely claimed that Republicans had stolen the [Georgia] governor’s race from Stacey Abrams with ‘voter suppression.’ ”

It was not stolen by fraud — the theft was done in broad daylight under the guise of preventing voter fraud. Reducing the number of polling places and ballot boxes in minority neighborhoods, reducing the hours to vote in person and other Jim Crow rules to deny citizens their right to vote are the Democrats’ claim. That is much different than what the GOP stolen-election fantasy is based on — nothing but falsehoods as proven by more than 50 losses in the courts over this election.

Ed Brown, Edmonds