Re: “Washington was a vote-by-mail pioneer; now other states are following suit amid coronavirus” [Aug. 2, Northwest]:

As a relatively new arrival to Washington state, I have now had the opportunity to experience our vote-by-mail system through three election cycles. Admittedly, it took a while for me to gain enough experience with the methodology to have confidence in the system. However, at this writing, I would urge every state to adopt our method of conducting elections via the mail-in process.

Reporters Jim Brunner’s and Joseph O’Sullivan’s article did a superb job of describing our system and placed the article in sound context by mentioning how long it took for Washington to perfect the voting model we now enjoy.

I have lived in states that could barely conduct standard, traditional voting systems without experiencing a numerous range of gaffes, be it in the simple conduct of the poll facility to the final tabulations, and subsequent reporting of results. If these same states are forced to slam together a mail-in model by November, I assure you chaos would ensue.

It would be wise for these states to take the time necessary to ensure a proven and effective mail-in system, one modeled after our state to preclude an election-evening disaster.

Thomas Reid Hawks, Seabeck