I have a question for destructive demonstrators: How much is President Donald Trump paying you for doing his dirty work? You are providing Fox News, the Republican National Committee and Trump’s campaign all the video and propaganda they need to prop up their flailing reelection attempts. Just wait until after the election, when he sends in hundreds of battalions nationwide to really squash your freedoms.

On the other hand, you can join the legitimate protesters in peaceful and law-abiding activities, and deprive Trump and his lackeys of their propaganda tools. You want the federal troops of today to go away? Then don’t threaten your tax-supported federal property, and they will have to go away.

Just visualize the threat to Trump and the RNC if there was no violence but instead every day millions of peaceful demonstrators filled the streets to show their rejection of the demise of America’s democracy brought by this tyrant. Now that’s a real demonstration in the tradition of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rep. John Lewis. Let’s keep that tradition alive.

Join the real demonstrations in our streets and save our nation.

Lance Packer, Oak Harbor