We are longtime Seattleites who moved to Bothell a decade ago in preparation for fixed-income retirements. We love Seattle, and our kids and grandkids live and work there.

Lifelong Democrats, we worked in education and social services and firmly support the Black Lives Matter movement. But we have become increasingly appalled at what started out as peaceful, heartfelt demonstrations deteriorating into violent, destructive vandalism and weeks-long occupation of an entire business and residential area, at the expense of nervous, bullied residents and businesses already suffering in the pandemic.

The police department has a problem with a militarylike organization and support of problem officers, but to almost completely hamstring them in protecting citizens and businesses is bringing Seattle to an almost apocalyptic decline. The obscene vandalism and screaming at the two “holdout” city council members’ homes, and at the mayor’s home, is just horrifying.

Maybe it’s time for the sensible majority of citizens, even though supportive of BLM, to start circulating recall petitions of the city council members who are sending Seattle into a sad and frightening downward spiral.

Penny Koyama, Bothell