Re: “Panel: People over 75, essential workers next for vaccines” [Dec. 20, Health]:

I believe it is wrong to provide COVID-19 vaccination for every single educator before all the elderly under 75 with preexisting conditions receive it.

We are talking about life and death here. No one ever died because they couldn’t teach or attend school in person. If this policy is implemented, elderly people with co-morbidities will die because they had to wait longer than they should have for the vaccination.

I very much hope this policy is not implemented in Washington, unless it is specific to special education teachers and perhaps teachers of very young elementary students who comprise a small subset of all educators and staff. Such students suffer the most from lack of in-person instruction. But beyond this, the proper policy is for any other healthy person under age 65 to wait their turn. We must remember that the primary goal of vaccination is to save lives.

Emily Hatt, Bremerton