Re: “A lost generation of learners” [Feb. 2, Opinion]:

I agree that students must return to school as soon as possible. But, if we are serious about getting this done, we must vaccinate teachers and school employees first.

Our priorities are misplaced in this state. Everyone, including The Times’ editorial board, talks about the dire consequences of children not being in classrooms, yet the one linchpin in making this possible — vaccinating teachers and school employees — is somewhere down the list of priorities.

Retired seniors such as myself do not need to be vaccinated before school employees. We have the ability to quarantine for a bit longer. If the governor and everyone who wants schools to open to in-person learning are serious, we would take the available vaccines and make sure that the people who work in Washington schools get vaccinated now.

By April, teachers and school staff would be fully immunized and ready to give our children the in-person learning they so desperately need.

Richard Shaw, Burien