So much frustration and chaos could have been avoided if Washington state had taken advantage of the months before the vaccine became available to develop a detailed rollout plan. It could have implemented the computer and telephone capacity to manage appointments, and identified the exact resources needed to deliver the injections and avoided the floundering approach we are now experiencing.

The state could have enlisted the assistance of Amazon, Google and Microsoft ahead of time, instead of scrambling to organize these resources after the fact. It could have mobilized the National Guard to be in place on Day One. It compounded its abject failure to plan ahead by opening up Phase 1B-Tier 1 to more people than it could possibly provide a vaccine within a reasonable amount of time. The fact that a 65-year old who still runs marathons is as eligible as the 80-year old who suffers from heart disease has caused unnecessary anger and confusion.

Some of the chaotic rollout is the result of uneven supplies from the federal level, but a good implementation plan would have addressed this and other variables, and identified needed actions.

Jim Eagan, Kirkland