Re: “Hundreds line up in darkness after vaccine freezer fails” [Jan. 30, A1]:

Sometimes, a single ray of bright light can break through the darkest sky. In the front-page article about hundreds of people lining up when a vaccine freezer failed, a line hundreds long formed after midnight to get vaccinated before the vaccine expired. Then, when a worker called out to ask if anyone was over 65, someone in line immediately yelled out, “Right here! We got one!” As the elderly lady stepped out, “the crowd cheered her on.”

These five words made my day. Despite standing in the cold night, after midnight, no one tried to cut line, no one tried to lie about their eligibility and then, “the crowd cheered her on” as this senior citizen stepped out to be vaccinated. What a testament to the heart, soul and unselfishness of these people!

Tom McBroom, Lake Stevens