Re: “Inslee sets goal of 45,000 COVID-19 vaccinations a day in Washington; everyone 65 and older eligible now” [Jan. 18, Local News]:

I have a beef with my fellow Americans. What, are you crazy, complaining about delays in vaccine distribution?

Just more than one year ago, no one knew from COVID-19. And now, in months — not years — we have vaccines going into arms. The speed is dizzying.

Our federal government is again to be run by experts. Congress and President-elect Joe Biden will get money to states and tribes to open and operate vaccination clinics. There is little doubt the response is about to improve. But that’s not the point.

The point is gratitude. The point is to marvel at science and research, and to thank, respect and support scientists and researchers. These folks hit the jackpot for us, using our tax dollars, and never more wisely.

I’ve been living with AIDS for almost 40 years, and I survived the 15 years or so it took to bring life-preserving treatment to market. As yet there’s no vaccine against HIV.

So I know a near-miracle when I see one, even if this speed-of-sound COVID-19 vaccine effort wasn’t being led by some of the same researchers and scientists who have already once saved my life.

Hang on, folks. Your shots are coming, and soon.

Paul Feldman, Seattle