I recently got my COVID-19 injection. I am also a retired nurse — 40 years.

I have been very pleased and satisfied with how Snohomish County has handled this large task. The Seattle Visiting Nurse Association has done an amazing job. I have been treated with the utmost respect and consideration.

This has not been an easy task. We have been blessed that after only one year a vaccine has been found. As a nurse, I understand that the virus has changed and will change. Mankind has done a wonderful thing. We need to give ourselves a break. I also understand about transmission, the importance of masks, social separation. Stop complaining about things. Look on the positive side. We have the vaccine, and more is on the way.

There are no appointments available because we are waiting for more vaccine. Appointments will be made once the state knows the number of doses received.

Thank you SVNA and Snohomish County for everything.

Charla Berls, Everett