Re: “Washington state teachers, school employees move to head of the vaccine line — what’s next?” [March 3, Education Lab]:

Educators have been prioritized for the coronavirus vaccine, ahead of other essential workers including grocery-store employees, bus drivers and meatpackers. Despite this extraordinary privilege, the Seattle Education Association has doubled down on its refusal to return to schools. Incredibly, just days after receiving prioritized access to the vaccine, the union membership voted to continue remote learning. Why should teachers get vaccinated now when they oppose returning to school even to serve our highest-risk and youngest learners?

Essential workers have carried our society for a year — without a vaccine. As a front-line health care worker, I went to work every day before vaccination because it was my job and my duty.

Seattle teachers should not jump the line for vaccines if they do not intend to teach in person this year. They should either open the schools or give up their place in the queue to a truly essential worker.

Edith Lang, Seattle