I am deeply frustrated that Seattle cannot find a way to put kids first and get them back to school, starting with a hybrid model if necessary.

The Times reports that a new analysis from Public Health finds that King County has the second-lowest COVID-19 rate among the 100 most-populated counties in the U.S. [“Coronavirus daily news updates,” Feb. 28, Health].

It is infuriating to then read that the Seattle Education Association filed complaints to halt a step toward reopening after the district asked preschool and special education teachers to return [“Seattle teachers union files unfair labor practice complaints against school district,” March 1, Education Lab].

We’ve worked hard to get this far — can we let the kids benefit? The lost ground will not be made up easily, especially for those most vulnerable. Well-resourced families will lose patience and move their kids, leaving those behind with even fewer advocates.

We should vaccinate teachers rapidly. But we must move forward quickly to in-person school for our kids regardless. Science tells us that kids have returned to school safely in other districts, states and countries. Why are we not doing the same?

Polly Freeman, Seattle