Re: “She got $662/month to run a tiny Washington town post office. When asked for more, USPS shut it down.” [March 15, Local News]:

I read the article on tiny Nahcotta on the Long Beach Peninsula losing its post office. It is treatment like this that makes people dislike and distrust the government. The callous way in which the post office was closed, the failure to call back or to even try to negotiate is unconscionable and puts the post office in a continuing bad light.

The National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C., highlights all the things the U.S. Postal Service has stood for, including things way beyond the call of duty, such as milking cows when the owners were gone in rural communities back in the day. People just left a note for postal workers, who looked after and helped the communities for which they provided services. They did way more than just deliver the mail. But no more.

Under Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, we can look forward to more deterioration in postal service and more callous behavior such as what has happened in Nahcotta.

Cheri Filion, Clinton