Re: “Seattle police officers who were in D.C. during riot at U.S. Capitol placed on administrative leave” [Jan. 8, Local News]:

Like probably most people in Seattle, I’m deeply troubled that any police officer or law-abiding person could support the current occupant of the White House. He’s proven himself to be corrupt and amoral, devoid of any ethics, etc. Even worse, it’s bad that any person would go to the trouble and expense of traveling to Washington, D.C., at this late stage to publicly support President Donald Trump. Even worse is that Seattle Police Department officers would do that. The event was obviously a superspreader event, and any participant should be in quarantine.

Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz has my full support to terminate any officer who participated in any way in any illegal activity there. How can any officer who so publicly supports Trump, a thoroughly corrupt and amoral person, now testify in court or otherwise claim to uphold the law? It seems impossible to me. Their signature on an official document or testimony in court would be worthless to me.

We’ve come to expect little from politicians, but we still expect the best from peace officers.

Pete Rogerson, Seattle