Our two-party system is an insult to our intelligence and destined to fail. When you play a nonstop game of tug of war, the rope will inevitably break. Few actually want the extremes that are being presented as our only choices. Whether it’s defunding the police and paying ungodly sums of taxes or joining forces with boys proud to be bigots and boarding the anti-science boat, the majority of American voters are not being served or represented.

Contrary to politicians’ cries, we can have a majority with a three-party system. A two-party system serves politicians best and citizens least. Collaboration is needed to get work done. How long have we had a continuing resolution instead of a budget? A third party could force that collaboration. Currently, both parties point fingers, call each other names and refuse to work together.

It’s time for a true purple party to rise and serve the majority of Americans who want a return to common sense, common ground and common decency. Our votes are waiting for you. Who will be brave enough to claim them and save this great nation before the greed of extremist politicians tears us apart?

Melanie Wileczek, Olympia