If the average schlub in an office cubicle or at a counter or on a construction job spent hours of the workday pounding out 100 tweets, that person would soon be looking for new employment. However, if you happen to be the President of the United States, you can tweet the day away with no consequences. At least that’s true for President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, in an extended social-media tirade against his own impeachment, Trump set a new record for himself by blasting out more than 100 messages on Twitter. This wasn’t just a one-day thing, either. Over the last week, the tweeter in chief averaged 60 tweets per day. It was reported that his little fingers have been so busy on his phone that he neglected a national-security briefing.

Yes, tweeting seems to be an effective method for Trump to communicate with his legion of followers, but, between Twitter, watching Fox News, running off to campaign rallies and playing golf more than all past golf-loving presidents combined, when does the guy actually do his job?

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