During his tenure as Secretary of Defense, Gen. Jim Mattis witnessed President Donald Trump’s qualities as a leader and found them utterly lacking.

While Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson concluded that his boss was a “moron” without basic governing skills.

As national security adviser, John Bolton observed that Trump seemed motivated by only one concern, his re-election to a second term, and concluded that the president is “a danger for the republic.”

These assessments of Trump delivered by men of experience and accomplishment who worked with Trump at the highest policy levels should count for a great deal when voters consider whether to give the president another four years in office, although it is hard to imagine Trump’s most fervent supporters being swayed at all. The real shame is that Republicans in the U.S. Senate, with the exception of Mitt Romney, continue to stay silent in the face of Trump’s obvious unfitness for office.

Those senators had the chance to save the country from the disastrous ineptitude of the paranoid narcissist who occupies the White House when they voted on his impeachment. They voted against removing him from office, perhaps saving their political careers, but betraying the nation with their cowardice.

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