Three elements have made the hearings of the House Jan. 6 committee unusually compelling.

First, these are not traditionally organized hearings. The members of the committee have not engaged in the usual endless rounds of grandstanding in which they ask questions that are really speeches. Instead, there has been one lead interrogator at each session following a tight script that lays out a clear story. By design, the presentations are TV friendly.

Second, every member of the committee, whether Democrat or Republican, is on the same page. All are intent on getting to the bottom of Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. There are no Trump acolytes on the panel trying to obfuscate and derail the investigation.

And, third, Trump and his minions made it fairly easy for the committee to put together a riveting story of bumbling, dangerous sedition because they did most of their dirty deeds out in the open and left plenty of ways to access information about the plotting they did behind closed doors. The defeated president and his conspirators also went so far beyond ethical and legal boundaries that even loyalists in the White House, as well as Republican elected officials whom Trump tried to bring into his scheme, balked. And now those insiders are the committee’s prime witnesses.

It is not something he will want to brag about, but with the Jan. 6 hearings, Trump has inspired another hit television show.

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