Re: “Durkan calls Trump’s threat to cut federal funding to Seattle, other cities ‘unlawful’ ” [Sept. 2, Northwest]:

Federal funds equal American jobs. Unfortunately, President Donald Trump cannot surgically withhold federal funding for only those few “anarchists” who likely don’t have or want a job. When Trump withholds federal funds to any city, he kills American jobs for decent, hardworking middle-class citizens. These people aren’t anarchists, they are the backbone of our American way of life.

In his directive to withhold funding to Seattle, he directly affects my husband, his co-workers and their employer, who work on Seattle area infrastructure projects that are partially funded by federal dollars. Our employer is an American-owned business that has made a valiant effort to keep workers employed during this recession, and I can assure Trump that we have not been out looting or starting fires, and we do not support defunding the police.

I find it both incredibly difficult and shockingly easy to believe that Trump is threatening to intentionally inflict on American citizens even more pain and suffering by killing American jobs through withholding federal funds from a kitty that we helped build through our taxes.

My God, what happened to our country that citizens should be subjected to such abuse from our president?

Barbara Maus, Black Diamond