I am a “sucker and loser,” the words attributed to the president. For 50 years, I’ve worn a POW bracelet of a friend from pilot training. I have many military friends no longer with us. Were they all “suckers and losers”? Active duty? Suckers and losers, I guess. To think we always thought we were serving our country. We called it pride of “service.” Silly us, thinking that military “service” meant serving our country. Guess we were wrong. Suckers and losers!

Combat medals were apparently for “suckers and losers.” The cemetery in Normandy and the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery? The Arizona in Pearl Harbor? Arlington? For what? “Suckers and losers.”

Gold Star Families, POWs, MIAs, wounded personnel? Suckers and losers.

Why have so many gone into our military? Duty, honor, country? Hah! Suckers and losers, apparently. Perhaps for the free travel to exotic locations such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Again, suckers and losers.

Why have holidays such as V-E/V-J Day, D-Day, Veterans Day, et al. What is with this Memorial Day? Suckers and losers.

“Thank you for your service.” Is that for “suckers and losers”?

Hmmmm. Not “suckers and losers.” Perhaps it is for American patriots.

Larry Kanaster, Tacoma