Re: “Report: Trump disparaged U.S. war dead as ‘losers,’ ‘suckers’” [Sept. 3, Nation]:

For years now, President Donald Trump has targeted one group of Americans after another. As a combat-wounded Marine Corps veteran, sans one leg below the knee, I never thought it would be my turn. But Trump apparently believes that amputees should be excluded from military parades to avoid making people uncomfortable and considers those killed in action “suckers.”

I should not have been so naive, given his contempt for late Sen. John McCain’s POW experience and the grief of the Gold Star Khan family. If lives mean so little, how could a mere leg ever hold sway?

Trump loves the power of the military, the shiny planes and new ships. But it is not equipment alone that makes our military “great” — it is selflessness, sacrifice and comradeship. Trump is apparently unable to comprehend, let alone appreciate, these qualities.

My mutilated friends are not “losers” or embarrassments, as Trump seems to think. They enlisted to better themselves and fought for principles they believed in. Trump wondered, “What was in it for them?” I have never heard a Marine ask that question. That Trump had to is a damning insight into his soul.

Gavriel Jacobs, Seattle