There is ongoing speculation about what the soon-to-be ex-president will do with so much time on his hands in the coming months and years. No one expects Trump to willingly slip away into obscurity, since he is a man who needs attention and adulation the way a plant needs water and fertilizer.

Perhaps the most likely thing Trump might choose to do is continue the perpetual campaign that was his main preoccupation from the start to the end of his presidency. Trump loves nothing better than to deliver self-indulgent, stream-of-consciousness rants in front of adoring crowds. Even if he does not actually run for president again in 2024, he probably will act as if he is a candidate in order to maintain control of a big part of the Republican base and forestall a slide into irrelevance.

The other thing Trump is likely to be doing – something that would rain on his post-presidential parade – is defending himself in court. Multiple investigations into Trump’s suspicious business practices in New York are growing ripe, and the expected indictments coming from state and local legal authorities cannot be dismissed by a presidential pardon.

Trump wants to stay in the news after Jan. 20, and he certainly will, but with his looming legal problems, it may not be the kind of notoriety he covets.

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