Re: “ ‘Deadly stuff’: Trump’s own words bring focus back to virus” [Sept. 9, Nation]:

We have been watching interviews and videos from doctors, nurses and staff in hospitals for months now — heartbreaking stories of valiant efforts to save their COVID-19 patients or, saddest of all, helping patients connect with their families to say one final goodbye. All this while working in unsafe conditions — lack of personal protective equipment and needing to use it far beyond safe use while trying to protect their own families from the virus.

I am beyond angry to hear our president speak on tape to journalist and author Bob Woodward stating that he knew how dangerous this virus was and that it spread primarily through the air. Our health care professionals have gone through hell. Many of us have been forced to make drastic changes to keep ourselves and loved ones safe — no hugs between grandparents and grandchildren, no visiting elderly parents and family members, businesses shutdown, jobs lost and millions losing health insurance. Oh, let’s not forget nearly 200,000 dead.

This damage will be with us for months, if not years, to come. It was one thing to believe this was the result of incompetence. To know it was purposeful is criminal.

Laurie McEachern, Des Moines