Perhaps the reason some people find it difficult to recognize President Donald Trump’s racist impulses is because he casts his insults and vile slanders so broadly. He really does not appear to look kindly on anyone of any race unless they are sycophants, members of his family or foreign dictators. Nevertheless, there is abundant evidence that Trump believes nonwhite people are not as truly American as those with paler skin.

He jumped into politics by spreading the myth that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. He entered the presidential race with an assertion that Latino immigrants were largely rapists, gang members and murderers. Now, he has spent several days spewing scurrilous lies about four Democratic members of Congress – all women of color – and insisting they should go back where they came from. It matters not at all to him that three of the four were born in the United States, just as he was, and that the fourth, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, came to this country as a small child.

As sickening as Trump’s latest round of racially charged tweets and public comments may be, it is equally appalling that very few elected Republicans have been willing to condemn his remarks (three cheers for Utah Sen. Mitt Romney for showing a spine and a sense of morality). Among the GOP rank and file, polls indicate the president’s bigoted taunts have increased his popularity. When Trump tore into Omar at a campaign rally in North Carolina Wednesday night, the crowd responded with chants of “Send her back! Send her back!”

It was an arena filled almost entirely with white people. Trump must have felt right at home.

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