In Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel, “Brave New World,” he foretold a world where life was casually and mechanically cheapened, especially at the beginning and end of life when life itself is most vulnerable. Reading Seattle Times reporter Nicole Brodeur’s 2018 article “How ‘Shout Your Abortion’ grew from a Seattle hashtag into a book,” and about the recent legalization of abortion in New York state at any gestational age (if there is absence of fetal viability or a woman’s life or health is threatened) shows that Huxley’s predicted dystopian world has arrived.


A founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger’s eugenic goal of ridding the world of vulnerables is on the its way to realization. And Amelia Bonow’s piece “My abortion made me happy” is insensitive and morbid. By her own admission Bonow’s attitude toward abortion is “flippant.” Abortion by its nature dehumanizes a vulnerable human fetus. Ending human life is not normal.

Rigid pro-abortion rights advocates should ponder that the male to female gender ratio in China in 2015 was 113.5 men to every 100 women, with India showing a similar trend. This male predominance is, of course, due to prenatal ultrasound, parental preference and sex-selective abortion. Does this disturb rigid pro-abortion rights advocates in any way? Do you have any reticence in your positions when abortion produces millions more Chinese and Indian men than women?

Sex-selective abortion is technically illegal in China and India, and yet it goes on all the time. Is this a situation where an abortion-restriction law should be enforced? Why or why not? Please explain. Should not female fetuses have equal “right to life” with male fetuses or, put another way, “right to death?” And from what I have been told by an Eastside doctor, sex-selective abortion does occur here in Washington.

I believe as a matter of public policy abortion should be legal but limited to the first trimester. My opinion is guided by what is pragmatic to resolving the abortion controversy. But I speak out against the morality and necessity of second and third trimester abortion.

I find the extreme pro-abortion rights advocates too often willing to shout about their abortion, showing no reticence or regret for sexual behavior that led to the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy. I’m offended when someone says their abortion made them happy. I get upset when women proclaim they have had multiple abortions — talk about irresponsible behavior and cheapening of human life!

'My take'

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Josef Stalin reportedly said one death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. For rigid pro-abortion rights advocates, not even one abortion is a tragedy and a million abortions is just a statistic.

The ultimate expression of human creativity is the birth and nurturing of children. Part of the tragedy of abortion is that women deprive themselves (and us as a society) their opportunity for their own ultimate creativity — their very own living human works of art. And where necessary, some children can be entrusted to “curators” — loving, adoptive parents who can help bring these human works of art to their full potential.