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The editorial board is making recommendations for voters in King County on local, county and legislative races appearing on the Aug. 1, 2017 primary election ballot. Each endorsement will explain our thinking, but generally we look for moderates with a commitment to work across party lines.

Read summaries of each choice for selected races below. We’ll be adding more endorsements, so check back for more races.

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State Senate

Patty Kuderer for 48th Legislative District Senate seat

Strengths: State Sen. Patty Kuderer already has been proven successful at promoting sensible legislation with bipartisan support.
Kuderer has demonstrated knowledge and skills in a variety of policy areas, from transportation to business, health care and the environment.”

45th Legislative District Senate seat: No endorsement

Editor’s note: Two of three candidates distinguished themselves in an interview. We look forward to hearing more from Republican Jinyoung Englund and Democrat Manka Dhingra before we make a recommendation for the general election.

Seattle Mayor

Jenny Durkan for Seattle Mayor

Strengths: Steady leadership, a decades-long resume of civic engagement, pragmatic solutions for big Seattle problems.
Durkan has management chops forged from experience, a broad view of Seattle’s role in the region and state, and a focus on affordability that works for both old and new Seattle.”

Seattle City Council

Sara Nelson for Seattle City Council Position 8

Strengths: Sara Nelson knows the mechanics of City Hall as well as its practical impacts on businesses. She strikes the right balance between growth and livability, and progressive ideas and fiscal responsibility.
Nelson is a smart, experienced and pragmatic progressive aligned with the city’s values, and her business and legislative experience will improve the effectiveness of the City Council.”

Pat Murakami for Seattle City Council Position 9

Strengths: Murakami, whose business supports accounting software, is running on a campaign to increase fiscal responsibility
Murakami has a proven record of advocating for better governance and Seattle’s underserved communities.”

Bellevue City Council

Jared Nieuwenhuis for Bellevue City Council, Position 4

Strengths: Jared Nieuwenhuis is smart, organized and constructive, approaches that can help in what could easily be tense interactions on city business.
He’s a big believer in what locals like to call ‘the Bellevue way’ of building consensus after extended periods of discussion and debate.”

Seattle Public Schools

Eden Mack for Seattle School Board District 4

Strengths: More interested and knowledgeable about education policy than almost anyone in Seattle, master’s degree from University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy, parent of three elementary school-aged children in Seattle schools.
Mack aims to help the district solve its financial crisis, make the most of its money and find waste in the budget.”

Alec Cooper for Seattle School Board District 5

Strengths: Deep knowledge of district and state education policy, business experience with budgeting and programs, volunteer work as treasurer and president of Garfield High School PTSA.
His experience as a director at both Amazon and Microsoft, plus volunteer work as treasurer and president of the Garfield High School PTSA and his deep knowledge of district and state education policy, make Cooper uniquely qualified for the school-board position.”

Chelsea Byers for Seattle School Board District 7

Strengths: Sharp financial knowledge, new ideas to push the district beyond its budget problems and lack of progress in closing the achievement gap, experience teaching in an inner-city school district.
When the next school board hires a superintendent, Byers said she would look for someone focused on research-backed strategies for closing the achievement gap and with experience moving the needle for struggling kids.”

Port of Seattle Commission

John Creighton for Port of Seattle Commission, Position 1

Strengths: Creighton, a lawyer who has served since 2006, is this race’s candidate most committed to defending the port and Seattle’s maritime and industrial zones — and the jobs they support — from encroaching development.
His experience, including leadership developing the port’s growth plan and his understanding of the realities of the port’s competitive challenges, makes him the superior choice.”

Stephanie Bowman for Port of Seattle Commission, Position 3

Strengths: Experience and strong background in economic development.
Bowman has demonstrated principled, responsive leadership, most recently on supporting a path forward for Ivar’s to operate a food-card after being displaced from Sea-Tac’s central terminal.”

John Persak for Port of Seattle Commission, Position 4

Strengths: Current policy experience advocating for port and maritime-industrial sector.
While challengers have backgrounds in government and aviation, only Persak has been in the thick of current port-related policy discussion and vigorously defending this essential component of the regional economy.”

King County Proposition 1

Reject arts levy

The county government should be focused on finding more money to backfill cuts in the criminal-justice and public-health systems.”