Disneyland may no longer be the happiest place in the world. The Walt Disney Co. has announced that 28,000 workers will be laid off at their theme parks in California and Florida because of the steep drop in revenue since COVID-19 began disrupting our lives.

It is another sign that one of the business sectors hit hardest by pandemic-related shutdowns and restrictions is the broad field of entertainment. Broadway shows have gone dark. TV and movie production has been severely curtailed. Actors, scriptwriters and all the thousands of other workers connected in some way with providing our escapes from reality are suffering, and that now includes even some of the people who dress up as Mickey Mouse or Goofy or Donald Duck or Snow White to keep the fantasy alive for children (and adults) in Anaheim and Orlando.

Never fear, though. The world’s most famous mouse was created in 1928, just a year before the advent of the Great Depression. Mickey survived that dark time, and he will make it through these days of disease and distancing – as will all of us.

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