I have been a lifelong conservative and have never voted for a Democrat for president of United States — until now.

The nation, more than anything else at this moment, needs divisions healed and to be brought together in unity. The tweet recently posted by President Donald Trump, where the man in the golf cart is yelling “white power,” says many things about the values and attitudes of our president. It demonstrates clearly that not only is he not interested in promoting healing and unity, he actively promotes division and hatred.

This video graphically portrays two groups yelling profanities and vitriol at one another. This is the division the president is actively promoting to split the nation between his base and everyone else, and encourage animosity between these two groups. The great presidents of the past who brought Americans together in unity in difficult times — Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan — were great communicators and effective promoters of unity in difficult times.

Trump is not worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as these great American leaders.

David Ivers, Mill Creek