A friend who works on a big summer event in South Dakota tells me she has worries about people staying home to avoid the crowds this year because of the coronavirus, but she says some of the folks she works with – fans of President Donald Trump – seem to think the real problem is Democrats and the liberal news media hyping the rising spread of the virus in order to hurt the president.

This is where Trumpism has gotten us. There is a real health crisis facing the country. Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, as well as people inside the administration, have raised concerns about the White House response to the crisis. Yet, when Trump minimized the risk and made unfounded assertions that the virus would quickly go away and that a vaccine would be available soon, his devoted followers and the right-wing media immediately believed their dear leader instead of the facts being provided by scientists and medical specialists.

This unquestioning devotion to one man and the blind belief in the fictions he spins are the core of Trumpism. It is a brain fever that has overtaken the Republican Party and skewed American democracy. Sooner or later, the coronavirus will pass or be dealt with through medical advances. It is much harder to say with any assurance that we will be rid of Trumpism’s maladies anytime soon.

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