U.S. Sen. Patty Murray’s easy re-election victory was one confirmation that Washington remains one of the bluer of the Blue States, but another was the result in legislative races where Republicans sank a little deeper into a hole.

Not so long ago, control of the state House and Senate was up for grabs and often shifted from one party to the other. More recently, though, Democrats have successfully defended their majorities in both legislative chambers and, after all the votes are counted this time around, they may have an even firmer grip on power in Olympia.

The way things now stand, Democrats are likely to add one seat in the Senate, giving them a comfortable 29-20 edge over Republicans, and three additional seats in the state House, for a commanding 60-38 majority.

Given how local politics have become nationalized in the Donald Trump era, the state GOP was counting on a vaunted “red wave” to sweep across the USA and lift the party’s chances in this corner of the country, too. It turns out that the crimson tide was mostly an illusion created by pundits on Fox TV and conservative pollsters who were skewing the numbers their way.

Apart from national trends, there is the more solid reality of numbers: There are just a lot more Democrats in Washington than there are Republicans. The Evergreen State, for now and the foreseeable future, is ever blue.

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