Four years ago, debating Hillary Clinton, he got a little weird in one of the debates when he wandered around the stage behind her like some kind of predatory beast as she spoke. But Tuesday night, in his debate with Joe Biden, he was simply unhinged, breaking every rule of decorum and fair play that his campaign had agreed to observe and spending as much time sparring with the moderator, Fox News reporter Chris Wallace, as with his Democratic opponent.

It was red meat for his base, all those angry white males out there primed for this kind of thing after years of ingesting the bile spewed by the likes of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. The problem for Trump is that he already has all of their votes. Where he is hurting is among smart suburban women who, by larger and larger numbers, have come to believe Trump is a bullying creep.

For his part, Biden did pretty well. He made no big mistakes, and he called out Trump for his perpetual lies. The former vice-president also came across as a decent human being, just the kind of guy those suburban female voters may be looking for.

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