The Colorado massacre is all the more confounding and tragic for the lack of answers so far. Coming eerily close to the July 22nd anniversary of the Norway shooting that killed 77 people, most teens and kids at a summer camp, this is downright horrific.

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UPDATE: The man who shot 71 people, killing 12, during a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” had dyed his hair red and given himself the moniker, “The Joker,” according to some media reports.

This morning, still reeling from such a senseless, incomprehensible act, I used this space to caution against jumping on the pro or anti-gun control bandwagons. After a day of monitoring Colorado law enforcement and explosives experts trying to enter the gunman’s booby-trapped apartment its time to talk about access to guns and mental health services. I’m concerned the gunman got the former too easily, and the latter not much, if at all.

Former prosecutor Eliot Spitzer cuts right to the chase in blaming our lax gun control laws.

Why would a 24-year-old Aurora, Colo., man walk into the midnight viewing of “The Dark Knight Rises” set off tear gas and then use three guns to systematically shoot moviegoers, some of whom were children. I’m not talking about insanity in the legal sense, but wouldn’t you have to be deranged to do that?

Everyone is looking to make sense of this. Is the gunman part of some extremist or domestic terrorist group? Did he have a grudge against the movie or the superhero, Batman? Or a love affair with both? He appears to be a lone wolf – no other accomplices were immediately discovered. He doesn’t appear to be suicidal. He didn’t turn his guns on himself or try to escape. Police arrested him without incident.

This discussion is eerily close to home. More.