In 2010, Wyoming adopted an official “state code” that was derived from James P. Owen’s book, “Cowboy Ethics.” For folks in the Cowboy State, these are the principles they are encouraged to uphold:

1) Live each day with courage. 2) Take pride in your work. 3) Always finish what you start. 4) Do what has to be done. 5) Be tough, but fair. 6) When you make a promise, keep it. 7) Ride for the brand. 8) Talk less and say more. 9) Remember that some things aren’t for sale. 10) Know where to draw the line.

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney has been an exemplary practitioner of her state’s code. As co-chairman of the House Jan. 6 committee looking into the seditious acts of former President Donald Trump, she has drawn the line and done what has to be done. And, despite knowing her pursuit of Trump would likely come at a high political price, she has shown courage, pushed on to finish what she started and remembered that some things — like faithfulness to the U.S. Constitution — are not for sale.

Like a vengeful villain in a Western movie, city slicker Trump targeted Cheney in the Wyoming Republican primary. The state’s GOP voters, rather than sticking to the Code of the West, allowed themselves to be duped by the loquacious, mendacious con man from New York City. By a 2-to-1 margin, they tossed out Cheney and installed as their nominee a ranting believer in Trump’s Big Lie about the “stolen” 2020 presidential election.

Republicans like those in Wyoming — and in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District — claim to be “values voters.” In truth, they are just a personality cult in thrall to a very bad hombre.

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