The White House has become a hot spot for the coronavirus. There is an ever-growing list of people who work with the president or who have been near the president who have tested positive for COVID-19, including the press secretary, several senior advisers, the head of the Republican National Committee, three GOP senators, the First Lady and, of course, the president himself.

Additionally, President Donald Trump’s traveling entourage may have spread the infection from the White House to hundreds of people, perhaps thousands, at events around the country, according to a USA Today investigation. But, counting only those testing positive in the West Wing, the number exceeds the weekly totals in several entire countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

Despite this, Vice President Mike Pence had the gall to assert in his debate with Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris that the administration’s handling of the pandemic has been a huge success. Really? With America’s death rate from the disease far exceeding that of any other nation? And with infections running wild at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Trump came back to the White House from his weekend stay in the hospital hyped up on steroids and declaring that the virus is no worse than the flu, which is the same idiotic line he was spouting last February. Apparently, he has not had a rough go of it – at least not yet – and so, as in all things, Trump interprets the world through his own pampered life experience.

Rather than quarantine himself until it is clear he is no longer contagious, he insisted on going back to the Oval Office, likely exposing even more people to sickness. Apparently, a guy who views himself as a sort of superman does not mind claiming a more dubious honorific: superspreader.

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